The Secret to Winning the Lottery and Games of Chance (Hint, It’s Easier Than You Think!)

In this article we are going to talk about some insider secrets to gaining an unfair advantage with the lottery and games of chance. Why? Well, if you are anything like I am, the appeal, adventure and excitement of playing the lottery for BIG gains is a lot more fun than working for a living..:-) And if you have any experience with any sort of betting or gambling (I hate that word….because it’s NOT what I do..:-) system, you probably already recognize that tilting the odds in your favor is MUCH easier than many of the skeptics and nay sayers would have you believe.

Here is what I’ve learned in my many months of reading, writing and researching systems, strategies and underground techniques for winning games of chance.

Insightful observation is the first step…and this means, BEFORE you put up any money. You’ve got to be patient, and be willing to step BACK before you dive in. This applies to all systems, and all games….from lotteries to casino games, to professional sports betting to boot. Some professional distance is paramount…and is the first clue I look for when seeing if someone is SERIOUS about winning…versus just blindly stabbing in the dark.

A math based system is mandatory: But please note…you DON’T need to be a math genius, be good with numbers or even have an above average IQ at all. You need to be willing, able and ready to follow a system that OTHERS who are have put together, and be able to “paint by numbers” when it comes to following the advice, and recommendations of those who have lit the landscape with a strategy that works. (note – numbers are MY weakness, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing, and winning simply by applying the arithmetic of those who’ve got THIS side of the street down pat to profit!)

You’ve got to keep your INNER eye…..on the prize: What is your “inner” eye? This is the REAL secret to winning a ridiculously high percentage of your plays. It’s about the ability to visualize winners, and to seemingly pick them out of thin air. Each of us has an incredible astute intuition that I believe “knows”, with amazing degrees of likelihood, things that are not yet revealed to the “slumbering” masses. The key is to awaken that intuition. To use focus, concentration and visualization to literally “will” what you’ve picked in your minds eye to manifest in real time. It’s not magic. And it can be practiced! You simply need a system to generate the numbers for you, and then the concentration and “law of attraction” style thinking to make those numbers a reality.

The Bottom line?

To many people, the above sounds far fetched, or a bit of a stretch to say the least..:-) But to the underground group of REPEAT winners of all sorts of games of chance, lotteries, and big prize pay outs, it’s just another day at the “office”. Care to join them? The simple secrets above will get you close.

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